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„This innovative treatment concept has been developed for the treatment of skin diseases and is used in many clinics worldwide. The resulting unique anti-aging method is based on long-term experience. It works like a professional treatment, but can easily be used at home. Visible results are achieved after a few applications.“

Dr. med. Helmut W. Christ, internist

„This method has convinced me. We have a positive effect on the collagen fibers, the cell division is stimulated, and high-quality ingredients, as for example low molecular hyaluronic acid from the H+ serum, can penetrate the skin barrier, regenerate the skin and reduce wrinkles.“

Dr. med. Bettina Rümmelein, dermatologist and allergist



„With SQOOM I really enjoy the feel of it on my skin; I can see the results immediately after use. The blood has been stimulated, my cheeks have a nice flush and my skin definelty has a glow to it. From my experience, SQOOM is definetly the one to put your money behind.“

Nicky Hambleton-Jones, anti-ageing expert, lookandfeelyounger.tv



"I absolutely love how easy it is to use SQOOM, I love how it feels when I use it - it's so relaxing at the end of a busy day. The results speak for themselves too! This is my favourite anti-aging treatment choice for sure"

Ruth Frances, TV Presenter and beauty / style expert, Great Britain

"The big advantage is that SQOOM is flexible in its usage. It is easily applicable in our beauty lounge and we don’t have to move a big trolley with instruments around. The client can continue and intensify the treatment at home. The results of the treatment are definitely better if it is supported this way. In addition the SQOOM offers premium serums for both anti-ageing and medical beauty which are very exciting products."


Sabine Steiner, CEO, Beauty Lounge Frankfurt



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„Creams alone do not help! When hearing about SQOOM I knew that was exactly what I had been looking for. I am absolutely thrilled! After some applications, I already literally felt how my skin got tighter and more glowing. I definitely know today that I do not have to worry about beauty surgery anymore.“

Paula B., customer from Germany

„(…) But by the second day, I noticed a dramatic change in the texture of my skin - and so did a few friends who had no idea I was using anything different. I used it over a period of four weeks religiously and by the end of my treatment, the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes that are threatening to take over were noticeably minimised. There are a lot of dud treatments on the market and I can safely say this is not one of them.

Katie Trotter, United Arab Emirates http://www.thenational.ae/lifestyle/sqoom-the-no-needle-botox

" Last night we did our treatment following your instructions and the results are amazing!  We are so happy with our Sqoom! The best investment ever" 

Tatiana P., USA

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