Give your skin what it needs - with xCential orange serums.

  • xCential cleanser serum - Cleansing
  • xCential H+ serum - Anti-Aging special serum
  • xCential deSpot serum - Whitening application
  • xCential booster serum - Concentrated moisture for 24 hours
  • xCential acqua+ spray - optimises the treatment by preventing serums from drying too quickly on the skin

xCential cleanser

Interactive physical cleansing process, supplying skin with moisture and preparing it for the SQOOM treatment. Panthenol and chamomile extract can have a skin-soothing and relaxing effect.

xCential H+ (hya) 

The innovative H+ serum is made entirely ​​from skin friendly natural active ingredients of natural origin for visibly beautiful and radiant skin. The main ingredient of xCential H+ is hyaluron – a renowned moisturiser. 89% of the users say “SQOOM xCential H+ gives my skin a young and beautiful appearance”*. Aloevera Leaf Juice gives the skin intensive moisture.

*Long term application test for 5 weeks with 75 subjects.

xCential deSpot

This whitening serum contains a combination of the active ingredients sulforaphane and genistein. This can brighten skin areas and reduce age spots in a liposomal combination.

xCential booster

24 hour concentrated moisture boost. Fresh and velvety-smooth skin with immediate effect. Wrinkle depth seems reduced after one single application and xCential booster has an 8 hour anti-wrinkle effect.**

**Scientific test with 20 women.

xCential acqua+

acqua+, a specially enriched spray, is used as an ideal supplement to the xCential serums and xCential blue serums. It can be applied with all serums and optimises the treatment by preventing serums from drying too quickly on the skin. Additionally it supplies the skin with extra moisture with gentle active ingredients.

By using acqua+ you will use less high-value serum per treatment and the serums will last longer on your skin. A must have for xCential booster.

SQOOM m2 device

1 Transducer with titanium alloy

Apply a generous amount of active serum.


2 Control light

The indicator light on the back of the SQOOM flashes regularly to indicate that it is in operation (only when in contact with skin).


3 On/Off Power-Button

Press the button once to activate and/or deactivate the SQOOM.


4 Programme button STEP

Pressing the selection button enables you to activate one of the 7 programmes.


5 Programme selection

Each LED indicates an available programme.


6 Contact handles right and left

Always hold your SQOOM, touching the contact handles on both sides.


7 Charging station

Put the SQOOM back into the charging station after every treatment. This way you always can be sure to always have your SQOOM ready for action.


8 Battery control light

Charge the SQOOM until the control light glows green.

How SQOOM works

Apply one of the active ingredients serums generously onto the transducer.

Switch on the device.

Choose the suitable application programme.



Hold the SQOOM firmly on both sides so that you touch the contact handles.

Then place the transducer on the skin area you want to treat.



Move the device softly over the skin in slow circulating moves.



You find the SQOOM manual in several languages at SQOOM manuals

SQOOM Starter Sets

SQOOM starter sets antiAge black or white

consisting of:
1 xCential cleanser serum 50ml - Cleansing
4 xCential H+ serum à 50ml - Anti-Aging special serum


SQOOM starter sets explorer black or white
consisting of:
1 SQOOM m2 black or white, inclusive charging station and cable
1 xCential H+ serum 50ml - Anti-Aging special serum
1 xCential cleanser serum 50ml - Cleansing
1 xCential deSpot serum 50ml - Whitening application
1 xCential acqua+ spray 50ml - Preventing serums from drying too quickly
1 xCential booster serum 30ml - Concentrated moisture for 24 hours


SQOOM starter sets deSpot/Whitening black or white
consisting of:
1 SQOOM m2 black or white, inclusive charging station and cable
2 xCential cleanser serum à 50ml - Cleansing
3 xCential deSpot serum à 50ml - Whitening application

SQOOM starter sets and xCential serums can be bought with our SQOOM partner.

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