Quite possibly the most elegant way to achieve visibly beautiful skin.

The revolutionary SQOOM concept combines ultrasound and iontophoresis in one stylish and handy device. This combination has long been a beauty salon treatment, but thanks to SQOOM it can now be experienced in the comfort of your own home. High value anti-ageing serums supply naturally derived nutrients and moisture to the skin. Wrinkles and fine lines can be visibly minimized. You will notice an improvement in the appearance and feel of your skin. SQOOM can be used by all skin types. SQOOM can be used by men and women.

The SQOOM device works with a patented synchron technology of ultrasound and iontophoresis.

In total, seven different programmes can be chosen on the SQOOM device. Each programme works independently and micro-computer controlled in order to achieve the best results in combination with the serums.

Apply one of the active ingredients serums generously onto the transducer.

Switch on the device.

Choose the suitable application programme.



Hold the SQOOM firmly on both sides so that you touch the contact handles.

Then place the transducer on the skin area you want to treat.



Move the device softly over the skin in slow circulating moves.



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