SQOOM TheSkinTherapy...based on SQOOM clinical and certified applications for skin problems and pains.

SQOOM - TheSkinTherapy - is used in whole area of ​​skin problems, pain, muscle tension and sensitive skin. All corresponding active substance sera’s are applied with the certified medical device SQOOM clinical (class IIa).

SQOOM clinical is used exclusively by doctors, health professionals or specialized centers and is offered by our exclusive worldwide distribution partners.





For real success, all elements of the treatment must work together as a whole.

SQOOM clinical has been developed by Dr. Helmut W. Christ † who has drawn upon his 30 years of experience in the fields of alternative treatment for skin diseases and by Dr. U. Warnke with his expertise in the use of electro-magnetic forces and the restorative power of light treatment. This partnership has created a highly effective medicinal product and treatment system which is used successfully in international clinics and by both medical practitioners and skincare therapists.

Dr. Christ studied medicine at renowned universities in Germany, the USA and South Africa. He was a specialist in internal diseases. He operated his own general practice in Bisingen/ Hohenzollern from 1976 until 2013. This practice was regarded as an approved skin disease centre.










  • xCential AK - Impure, greasy skin
  • xCential OL - Back- and muscle tension
  • xCential NE - Dry, irritated skin
  • xCential PS - Dry, flaky skin
  • xCential RO - Reddened, sensitive skin
  • xCential NA - Scars and stretch marks

The medical product SQOOM clinical (Class IIa) 

Dr. Helmut W. Christ † Specialist for internal medicine M. B. Ch. B. (Cape Town, South Africa), M. D. (Münster,Germany)

4 methods.

SQOOM clinical is the first device of its kind to use magnetic field and ultrasound in combination. The interaction of ultrasound, magnectic field and blue light is the ideal combination within a new form of treatment.

  • Ultrasound

  • Static magnetic field

  • "Cold" infrared

  • Blue light

1. Therapeutic effect in fracture treatment Indications: e.g.

• Fractures of the tibia, distal radius, scaphoid, long bones

• Pseudarthroses or bone healing disorders

• Callus distraction and bone regeneration (spongiosaplasty)

2. Therapeutic effect in wound care Indications: e.g.

• Diabetic foot and leg ulcers

• Chronic venous leg ulcers

• Chronic/trophic skin lesions

• Soft tissue injuries

3. Therapeutic effect with inflammatory diseases Indications: e.g.

• Calcified tendinitis of the shoulder joint,

• Epicondylitis,

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

4. Therapeutic effect for improving peripheral cutaneous perfusion Indication: e.g.

• Improving peripheral cutaneous perfusion

5. Therapeutic effect for easing pain conditions


SQOOM clinical is a medical device. More information for professionals can be requested.


xCential AK

Impure, greasy skin

Natural salicylic acid extracted from willow bark is able to open blocked pores. Black cohosh can have a regulating effect on the sebum production of the sebaceous glands.

xCential OL

Back- and muscle tension

Powerful liposomal encapsulated boswellia serrata extract is able to relaxe tension and relieve discomfort.

xCential NE

Dry, irritated Skin

Magnolol, dexpanthenol, extract obtained from buds of Capparis spinosa and pure camelia seed oil can have a skin soothing and moisturising effect.

xCential PS

Dry, flaky skin

Extracted from liposomal active ingredients of natural boswellia acid, magnolol, liposomal encapsulation of licorice substances, calendula extract, dexpanthenol and pure camelia seed oil.

xCential RO

Reddened, sensitive skin

Magnolol and the active ingredients of caper buds can have a skin soothing and extra sensitive effect.

xCential NA

Scars and stretch marks

Bio-active amino acids and natural onopordon acanthium extract is able to assist in the skin’s own repair process.

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