1 Transducer with titanium alloy

Apply a generous amount of active serum.

2 Control light

The indicator light on the back of the SQOOM flashes regularly to indicate that it is in operation (only when in contact with skin).

3 On/Off Power-Button

Press the button once to activate and/or deactivate the SQOOM.

4 Programme button STEP

Pressing the selection button enables you to activate one of the 7 programmes.

5 Selection MODE

Select, whether you want a treatment in ultrasonic, ion or synchron mode here.

Green LED: Ion mode
Red LED: Ultrasonic mode

6 Contact handles right and left

Always hold your SQOOM, touching the contact handles on both sides.

7 Intensity LOW/HIGH

Activate the intensity LOW/HIGH by pressing this button. The LED display shows you the current intensity range.

8 Charging station

Put the SQOOM back into the charging station after every treatment. This way you always can be sure to always have your SQOOM ready for action.

9 Battery control light

Charge the SQOOM until the control light glows green.