Our story


Over decades, Dr. Helmut Christ devoted himself to cure skin diseases as neurodermatitis and psoriasis. He searched for alternative treatment methods in order to relieve the symptoms of incurable diseases. Being open minded to new technologies he researched natural serums in combination with various physical powers.

After many years of research, incredible results arose from the combination of ultrasound based devices and the transportation of highly effective ingredients. Among others he used a patented synchron technology made of low-frequency ultrasound and iontophoresis in combination with magnetic and light fields. These devices are available for end-consumers as well as for the professional treatments of doctors and clinics.

The SQOOM technology as interaction was born.

interview with Helmut Schick

SQOOM Global Team

The new SQOOM Global team based in Stockholm, Sweden combines decades of experience, high qualified team members based in European countries, advanced technologies and strong financial back ground.

Give your skin what it needs - with xCential orange serums.

The development of the SQOOM active serums is based on scientific research cooperation with recognised experts and universities from all over the European region. The team of developers establishes its core competency in pharmaceutical as well as cosmetic formulations and production proceeds in accordance with GMP principles. The high value xCential serums are developed especially for the SQOOM applications. All xCential serums are without preservatives, without skin-irritating emulsifiers and perfumes.

The SQOOM devices meet the highest standards of design, quality and technology. In total, seven micro-computer controlled programmes can be chosen on the SQOOM device.

Highest standards of quality – engineered in Europe.

SQOOM awards

Over the years, SQOOM has been awarded many times for his exceptional and sophisticated design and successful and promising treatment results. Thousands of customers are current and sustainable users. SQOOM is now on the market more than 15 years and still unique.  SQOOM received:

and much more