Q1 Starter Set- Mother’s Day 2023


SQOOM Q1 Light Therapy Microcurrent Facial Device set with xCential Booster Serums

1 SQOOM Q1 Device Black with charger cable
2 SQOOM xCential Booster Serum a 30ml
1 SQOOM xCential Aqua Tonic Cleanser 200ml
1 SQOOM Cleansing Cotton Pads Box 100pcs

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Q1 Light Therapy Microcurrent Facial Device for deep cleansing and nutrition is the perfect set for rejuvenating your skin with the xCential Booster Serum. The ideal Mother’s Day gift to yourself and those you care about!

The Mother’s Day Box contains: 

  • 1 SQOOM Q1 Microcurrent Facial Device Black with charger cable
  • 2 SQOOM xCential Booster Serum a 30ml. xCential Booster is a 24-hour concentrated moisture boost that gives you fresh and velvety-smooth skin with immediate effect. The wrinkles’ depth seems reduced after one single application and has an 8-hour anti-wrinkle effect.
  • 1 SQOOM Aqua Tonic Cleansing Water 200ml is suitable for all skin types. The low pH of 5.5 makes it a perfect match for allergy-prone skin types. Sensitive and dry skin also benefits from the gentle cleaning of SQOOM Aqua Tonic. The cleansing water is based on antibacterial and antiviral active ingredients. 
  • 1 SQOOM Cleansing Cotton Pads Box 100pcs

The magic with Q1 is that it is a light therapy facial device that uses microcurrent light for deep cleansing and nutrition of the skin. And microcurrent light transports the nutrition of the effective ingredients in the serums deep into the skin. This process increases blood circulation, and oxygen is enhanced. In addition, Microcurrent stimulates the skin’s cells to produce the essential proteins; collagen and elastin. Microcurrent light therapy enables the skin to create more proteins, leading to rejuvenated, regenerated, and youthful skin.

Microcurrent also energizes and activates the facial muscles. The muscles in the face are directly connected to the skin, so toning the face muscles affects the appearance of the skin directly. Reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving the facial contour, and cleans and nurturing your skin in depth. 

Step one 

Remove the make-up in cleansing mode with Aqua Tonic and Q1 devices.

Step two

Choose the nutrition mode and apply the suitable xCential serum generously onto the transducer or directly onto the skin area to be treated. 

Step three 

After the treatment, leave the remaining serum on the skin and/or use your usual day/night cream.


  • The cleansing mode is for smooth and effectively clean skin. An additional ring around the transducer lets you fix the SQOOM cleansing pads directly on the device and clean the skin to remove the dust and dirt deep inside the pores. Again, using Aqua Tonic cleansing water gives the best result. 
  • High energy levels and agent transport support the nutrition mode into the skin. The perfect combination to refresh and pop up your skin in variety with an SQOOM xCential booster for immediate and visible results.


Delivery time: 2-5 working days within Europe, 5-10 working days outside Europe.

The Mother’s day Gift offer is valid until the 21st of May 2023.

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