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From a perspective, there are five main factors for skin aging:

This is a fundamental and very important need of skin so we made sure that it’s provided for your skin by implementing a moisturizing feature to all SQOOM xCential serums.

High amounts of Hyaluronic acid in H+ and booster fill the intercellular spaces created due to lack of water and give volume to the skin and noticeably reduce wrinkles.

Pollutions and Impurities:

Pollutions play an important role in skin conditions by increasing the free radicals on the skin. It also prevents skin from restoring itself by closing up the pores.

You can cleanse your skin to its deep by simply using SQQOM xCential cleanser.


It is usually caused by factors such as sleep deprivation, long flights, having heavy makeup on for too long, cigarettes, Alcohol, or other unhealthy habits.

You can prevent damage to your skin by using SQOOM xCential booster serum before such experiences and undo or control the damage to your skin by using xCential booster after such experiences.

This booster / primer provides intense hydration and moisturization for eight hours and provides a protective layer of moisture for your skin to layer up your makeup on it and keep the moisture in. That’s why many of or customers use xCential booster as a primer for flawless makeup. You can use Q1 Ultrasound device for makeup removal afterwards along with Aqua Tonic cleansing water.

Decrease of collagen storage caused by aging:

SQOOM xCential H+ serum is specially designed to boost the body’s natural way of generating collagen. This feature especially works more extremely when you use SQOOM devices.

SQOOM devices through regenerative skincare methods locally increase blood circulation and stimulate and empower the skin’s natural regeneration system.

Sunbeams, Age spots, and uneven skin tone:

One other aspect of aging is spots and skin tone disorders. These conditions are mostly caused by being exposed to sunbeams, metabolism, and imparities.

SQOOM xCential deSpot is specially formulated to brighten skin, reduce spots, and evening skin tone. You can use deSpot to gain even skin tone, spot treatment, gentle exfoliation, and fighting free radicals from impurities.

The Premium Mother's Day Bundle SQOOM SET

More productive and successful Anti-aging Routine with SQOOM Simple skincare procedures

SQOOM covers all these factors in its xCential series of serums, a comprehensive solution that meets all your needs.

SQOOM is a comprehensive yet simple solution that covers all your skin needs to restore its youthful state. And it’s important to know that The fact that it is a simple and minimal procedure increases the chances that you will actually do the routine.