SQOOM a revolutionary discovery

Over decades, Dr. Helmut Christ devoted himself to cure skin diseases as neurodermatitis and psoriasis. He searched for alternative treatment methods in order to relieve the symptoms of incurable diseases. Being open minded to new technologies he researched natural serums in combination with various physical powers.

After many years of research, incredible results arose from the combination of ultrasound based devices and the transportation of highly effective ingredients. Among others he used a patented synchron technology made of low-frequency ultrasound and iontophoresis in combination with magnetic and light fields. These devices are available for end-consumers as well as for the professional treatments of doctors and clinics.

The SQOOM technology as interaction was born.

Interview With Helmut Schick

SQOOM today and tomorrow

A new decade starts for SQOOM. After the merge with the Swedish Medical Company OnMed, CEO Helmut Schick
in an interview with Dr. Mohamedi about the future of SQOOM, challenges, and advantages.

SQOOM global team

The new SQOOM Global team based in Stockholm, Sweden combines decades of experience, high qualified team members based in European countries, advanced technologies and strong financial back ground.

Masoud Hoseinabadi and Hossein Azizian are at the head of our most recent market addition. Located in the city of Ankara, our Turkish office has become an exciting new prospect for SQOOM Global, bringing a totally different outlook and commercial insight to the seems of our business.