Boost your skin

The SQOOM synchron function links the iontophoresis with the sonophorese and increases significantly the effectiveness of both methods.

Scientific research at the well-respected Hiroshima university of Japan has demonstrated the uniqueness of the synchron function. The innovative multi function gives SQOOM a special position in the market.

The deep-penetrating micro massage combined with the especially for this device developed active ingredients compounds optimizes the success of the treatment.

The micro computer controlled mobile multifunction handheld device works with a highly developed ion technology (medical iontophoresis) as well as an electronic controlled pulsed ultrasound (sonophoresis). SQOOM is worldwide the only handheld device with this innovative function.

The preparation which shall be transported into the skin is loaded up by the tension in the transducer and migrates to the counter-pole inside the dermal tissue (galvanic function). Therefore the synovium as well as the subjacent tissue can be provided with a high concentration of the agents.

This plays a big role in the cosmetic as well as in the dermatological sector.

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Transducer with titanium alloy Apply a generous amount of active serum.
Control light The indicator light on the back of the SQOOM flashes regularly to indicate that it is in operation (only when in contact with skin).
On/Off Power-Button Press the button once to activate and/or deactivate the SQOOM.
Programme button STEP Pressing the selection button enables you to activate one of the 7 programmes.
Programme selection Each LED indicates an available programme.
Contact handles right and left Always hold your SQOOM, touching the contact handles on both sides.
Charging station Put the SQOOM back into the charging station after every treatment. This way you always can be sure to always have your SQOOM ready for action.
Battery control light Charge the SQOOM until the control light glows green.