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xCential Serums

For the future in the present.

xCential Serums

From anti-aging and moisturizing to deep pore-cleansing.

*Use original xCential Serums combined with original SQOOM devices for revolutionary results.*

xCential booster

Concentrated hyaluronic acid formula with different and specific molecular weights. 24 hour concentrated moisture boost. Fresh and velvety-smooth skin with immediate effect. Wrinkle depth seems reduced after one single application. xCential booster has an 8-hour anti-wrinkle effect.

boosters serums on the table

xCential cleanser

Pore deep physical cleansing especially for sensitive skin also suitable for inflamed skin. Interactive physical cleansing process, supplying skin with moisture and preparing it for the SQOOM treatment. Panthenol and chamomile extract can have a skin-soothing and relaxing effect.

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xCential H+

Small hyaluronic acid particles of low molecular weight are transported with our synchronic technology to the deeper skin layers where they refill hollow spaces left by the aging process. Now with a new active ingredient formula protecting against free radicals and providing intensive moisture with aloe vera leaf juice.

xCential deSpot

This brightening serum contains a combination of the active ingredients Sulforaphane and Genistein. This can brighten skin areas and reduce age spots in a liposomal combination.

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