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Why is synchronization being so important in skincare sessions?

The micro computer controlled mobile multifunction handheld device works with a highly developed ion technology (medical iontophoresis) as well as an electronic controlled pulsed ultrasound (sonophoresis). SQOOM is worldwide the only handheld device with this innovative function.

With the synchron function old skin cells are being removed. The ionization function has the effect of opening and contracting the pores. The cathode and the anode are being used in order to create a strong enough current and to get the so called ionic migration inside the dermal tissue going. The preparation which shall be transported into the skin is loaded up by the tension in the transducer and migrates to the counter-pole inside the dermal tissue (galvanic function). Therefore the synovium as well as the subjacent tissue can be provided with a high concentration of the agents.

This plays a big role in the cosmetic as well as in the dermatological sector.

The iontophoresis is described by scientists as a progressive and at the same time a very gentle method for treating cosmetic as well as dermatologic skin problems. The synchron function links the iontophoresis with the sonophorese and increases significantly the effectiveness of both methods.

Scientific research at the well-respected Hiroshima university of Japan has demonstrated that the agents which have been transported 30 times into the dermal layer and 40 times into the epidermal layer compared to hand application with the synchron function. The innovative multi function gives SQOOM a special position in the market.

The mobile system with charger station fulfills the requirements of a modern, secure, fast and successful beauty and healthcare treatment. The deep-penetrating micro massage combined with the especially for this device developed active ingredients compounds optimizes the success of the treatment.

Combined use of physical methods and small sized carriers for percutaneous penetration enhancement with an aesthetic purpose.

Dermal and transdermal ingredients delivery (due to its non-invasiveness, avoidance of the first-pass metabolism, controlling the rate of ingredients input over a prolonged time, etc.) have gained significant acceptance. 

According to a recent publication in the journal of Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews ,Several methods are employed to overcome the permeability barrier of the skin, improving substance penetration into/through skin. Among chemical penetration enhancement methods, small sized carriers have been extensively studied. When applied alone, small sized carriers mostly deliver the ingredients to skin and can be used to alleviate many skin conditions.

To achieve effective transdermal delivery, micro carriers should be applied with physical methods, as they act synergistically in enhancing drug penetration. SQOOOM has made years of success in combined use of frequently used micro carriers (Hyaluronic acid, novel humectants, herbal based and natural organic ingredients of SQOOM serums) with the most efficient physical methods (An effective combination of iontophoresis and ultrasound without use of needles or injections) and demonstrates superiority of the combined use of nano carriers and physical methods in substance penetration enhancement compared to many non-scientific products in the market.

Reference article on PubMed published on March 2018.