SQOOM M2 professional skincare treatment device rejuvenates the skin and cells through deep serums, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. With 1 MHZ or one million waves per second, this skincare treatment device improves the fine line and wrinkles, takes away the age spots, and boosts collagen production. In addition, the transducer produces one million gentle vibrations per second, which penetrate the naturally derived nutrients in the serums and moisturizers deep into all layers of the skin.

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M2 Patented Professional Skincare Device for Homecare – Black

The M2 device is based on patented technology, Synchron Technology which synchronizes Iontophoresis and Ultrasound.  Iontophoresis transports large quantities of regenerating natural active ingredients of the xCential serums deep into the skin when the ultrasound waves stimulate the self-production of collagen and elastin and open the skin barrier.  

The transducer produces one million gentle vibrations per second, penetrating natural derived nutrients and moistures to all layers of the skin deep to the dermis.

This is an innovative microcomputer-controlled device of the highest standards and works based on 1 MHZ.

The SQOOM device concept is a new development in cosmetics and skincare, protected with 8 patents. 

The micro-computer-controlled mobile multifunction handheld device works with highly developed ion technology (medical iontophoresis) and an electronically controlled pulsed ultrasound (sonophoresis). Moreover, with the function “multiple modes,” both functions are combined. You can read more about the M2 device here.

Delivery time: 2-5 working days within Europe, 5-10 working days outside Europe. 

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