SQOOM Q1 Light therapy microcurrent facial device for deep cleansing and nutrition


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Based on new US technology  with light therapy and 3 MHZ US power. SQOOM Q1 combines a skin cleansing and a nutrition program, for easy and effective use. Combining blue and red light therapy, it supports the serums for the best results. The perfect device for your journeys and a perfect addition to the M2 devices. USB rechargeable.

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The Q1 light therapy facial device uses the microcurrent light for deep cleansing the skin and to transport the nutrition of the effective ingredients in the serums deep into the skin; meanwhile, blood circulation and oxygen are enhanced. Over 3 million waves per second open the pores and act beneath the dermis while cleansing. This home facial skincare device improves the facial contour, cleans and nurture your skin in depth. 

The SQOOM Q1 ultrasound device is new technology on the highest level. Based on 3 MHZ US technology, the Q1 device combines skin cleansing, light therapy, and a nutrition program, for easy and effective use. Q1 is rechargeable via USB and is the perfect device for your travel and an addition to your M2 device.

  • The cleansing mode is for smooth and effectively clean skin. An additional ring around the transducer allows you to fix the SQOOM cleansing pads directly on the device and clean the skin to remove the dust and the dirt, deep into the pores. Please use SQOOM Aqua Tonic cleansing water for optimal results.
  • The nutrition mode is supported by a high energy level and an agent transport into the skin. The perfect combination to refresh and pop up your skin in combination with SQOOM xCential booster, for immediate and visible results of fresh and youthful skin. 

The SQOOM device concept is a new development in the sector of cosmetics and skincare which is protected with 8 patents. 

The micro-computer controlled mobile multifunction handheld device works with a highly developed ion technology (medical iontophoresis) as well as an electronic controlled pulsed ultrasound (sonophoresis). With the function “multiple modes” both functions are combined. 


Try it and we can assure you that the results will amaze you!

Delivery time: 2-5 working days within Europe, 5-10 working days for outside of Europe. 

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