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SQOOM Q1 device black


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Q1 ultrasound device, new technology highest level. Based on 3 MHZ US technology, SQOOM Q1 combines a skin cleansing and a nutrition program, for easy and effective use. Combining blue and red light support for perfect results.
CLEANSING: The cleansing mode is for smooth and effectively clean skin. An additional ring around the transducer allows you to fix the SQOOM cleansing pads directly on the device and clean the skin to remove the dust and the dirt poorly deep. Please use SQOOM Aqua tonic cleansing water for optimal results.
NUTRITION: The nutrition mode is supported by a high energy level and agent transport into the skin. The perfect combination to refresh and pop up your skin in combination with SQOOM xCential booster, for immediate and visible results.

A combination which will convince you immediately and a perfect combination to our well known and sustainable anti-aging method SQOOM M2 and the whole xCential range.



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45 in stock