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SQOOM's Valentine's Day Specials

Where Authentic Beauty Meets Celebration of Love

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the harmony of love and beauty with SQOOM. Indulge in an opulent skincare experience that transcends the ordinary, crafted for those who cherish wellness and elegance.

This season of love, we’re delighted to present you with exclusive discounts that make gifting a joy. Whether it’s a token of affection for your significant other or a pampering treat for yourself, our Valentine’s Day gifts are a testament to the beauty of caring.

Symbols and signs that are important for SQOOM's vegan and non-aggressive products.

Featured Valentine's Day Specials

Embrace the bond of self-care with SQOOM’s specially curated Valentine’s collection.

Anti-Aging Procedure

Experience the pinnacle of skincare with our M2 Device, four signature serums, and Aqua Tonic cleansing water. A ritual designed for ageless elegance.

Anti-Aging Routine

Elevate daily care with four distinct serums and receive the Aqua Tonic Cleansing Water as our gift to you. Rejuvenation has never been so graceful.

Primal Skincare Kit

Embrace fundamental beauty with the Q1 device, two booster serums, and Aqua Tonic cleansing water. Simplicity meets sophistication in every application.


Anti-Aging Procedure



SQOOM Anti-Aging Routine

249,00 / month


Primal Skincare Kit


The Gift of Timeless Beauty

In a world where every moment is precious, giving the gift of SQOOM is to offer a timeless treasure. Each SQOOM set is more than just skincare; it’s an invitation to a journey of self-discovery, wellness, and lasting beauty. This Valentine’s Day, make a statement that transcends the ordinary. Choose SQOOM for gifts that speak volumes about your care and appreciation for the loved ones in your life.

For the Gentleman in Your Life

Preserve His Youth, This Valentine's Day

SQOOM M2 Device in sleek black, part of the Comprehensive Anti-Aging Procedure for men. This Valentine’s, gift the man you love a touch of timeless youth.

For the Esteemed Lady in Your Life

A Gift of Timeless Beauty for Her

This Valentine’s Day, honor the remarkable woman who brightens every moment with a gift as distinguished as she is. Our exclusive skincare selection is designed for the esteemed lady in your life, blending luxury with the transformative power of SQOOM technology.


United in Quality: Our Esteemed Partners

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Good News

Our offer for special discounts does not end with our Valentine’s Day Collection. Each product, from our esteemed M2 Sono-Ionic Device to the enriching Q1, is an ode to love itself – a love for others and the self-love that glows from within and is now available at discounted prices.

M2 Sono-Ionic Device

€299 Instead of €399

Advance your approach to ageless beauty with ultrasound technology that gently regenerates and deeply rejuvenates. SQOOM M2 simplifies professional skincare for you.


€99 Instead of €179

Elevate your daily routine with a device that not only cleanses but nourishes, infusing your skin with the luxury it deserves in a minimal way that is simple and easy to fit into your daily routines.

Your search for the perfect Valentine’s gift ends here. Step into a world where luxury meets love and where every application is a celebration. With SQOOM, beauty is not just seen; it’s felt.

Pick Your Favorite from Our Valentine's Day Collection

Find the perfect expression of love in our curated skincare sets. This Valentine's Day, let SQOOM be the messenger of your affection. Choose the luxury of wellness and beauty – because true love is timeless, and so should be the gift of beauty.

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