Cleansing the myths of male skincare

Women openly recognise self-care and wellness as substantial forms of therapy in themselves.   Self-care is one of the rare spaces where women have always dominated the culture.   But the archaic rules about men’s skincare, wellness, and grooming are completely the opposite.  It goes against what society tells us is masculine.

Modern masculinity is so fragile because society tells men that they should be strong and stable providers. So when it comes to wellness, men don’t want to take care of themselves in a fluffy way because it doesn’t fit into their ideals of masculinity.

The self-care revolution is finally coming to men

The past couple of years have shown the start of a huge cultural shift around what’s “acceptable” for men, while we´re still far from destigmatising the different types of self-care for men.   Breaking down those barriers, even if they seem trivial in the larger scope of things, has the power to help men break free of social limitations.

And the market’s there.

For years now, brands have seen the market value in changing how they approach personal grooming and well-being for men.

To have the insight about men´s self-care and wellness, in this new shift of modern masculinity, we spoke to P.T., actor and not to mention Instagram sensation, Ludovico Gnutti.

1. As a model and influencer, do you think skin care ideally should be genderless?

Yes, but I think some products can certainly be more gender oriented. There are lots of different elements to take into consideration when it comes down to skincare, for example men have more testosterone hormone in their body and that can make skin thicker. But I can definitely see the industry moving towards genderless skin care products. At the end of the day it is what works best for you, whether the products are meant to be used by men or women.

2. There is a big stigma about men using beauty products beyond a good razor and shaving gel. Would you say men need to take equal care of their skin, as women do?

Absolutely. Everyone should look after their skin to have the best version of themselves. There is nothing to be ashamed about trying to look and feel better.

3. Are men as susceptible as women to skin aging?

I absolutely think men are more susceptible to skin aging and therefore should really take skin care seriously. I think men tend to live life a bit to the extreme compared to women… We drink more, we smoke more etc … There is a reason why men live shorter lives than women. We tend to have less self-conciousness when it comes to health.

4. There are many men who aren´t confident in themselves. Would you say that, like in the case of women, this confidence would increase if/when applying products for a brighter and healthier appearance?

Confidence comes from within ourselves. You have to understand why you do not feel confident and what it is that you need to change in your life in order to shift that. Most of the time it can be a combination of things. Products that make you look brighter and healthier can absolutely help you feel better, therefore look AND FEEL more confident. It will help you trigger that feeling within you.

5. Would you agree that men are also susceptible to harmful elements in the environment, like harsh UV rays, pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol, extreme climate changes?

Yes, I have noticed myself, living in London, that pollution plays a big role.  I really need to spend time to take care of my skin more than I would if I lived somewhere more remote. All these elements can deteriorate the skin and speed the aging process up. It is important to understand what is the real effect they can have on your skin and start finding solution to slow that process down.

6. What is your absolute ´must´ in your daily skin care routine?
  1. Cleanse
  2. Apply serum
  3. Moisturise