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With Christmas as an almost distant memory and New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Resolutions at the same distance, I started to look at the year ahead and for once looked at myself in the mirror. During the festive season with family and friends, my skin was not the first priority.

This year I did not make any New Year’s resolutions. So I decided to look at 2022 now instead. What is it that I want to achieve this year? What is important to me. There are lots of things that I want to do. Lots of things that I would love to do. And then the things that I have to do… In my case, looking at myself in the mirror, I realised that it was time for some TLC for my skin. Maybe it was all the festive season chocolate and goodies, perhaps it was the gluhwein and the wine, or perhaps it is a mix of all the good things that the season came with. But why look back when you can look forward? So instead of dwelling over past choices, let’s look at what I can do to achieve my goal. In this case, the plan of smooth, relaxed skin has that beautiful glow. 

New Year & New Skin for the same old me

After a super relaxed festive season, which came with a little bit ( or maybe more than a bit of bit…) of laziness from my side when it came to taking care of my skin, it is high time to get back into the skincare routines. And I can tell you that my skin is relieved! Yesterday I took the time to do proper cleaning with the Q1 device followed by taking time, not hasting through the nutrition program, and what a difference it made! With cold winds blowing, my skin had become dry and needed constant add-on of my favourite skin cream; since then, I really feel like a new me! The skin is much softer, and I even got rid of the fine lines and wrinkles all the late nights with interesting discussions with my family and friends.

And there is really something magical about the relaxation that microcurrent light therapy and the serums give the skin! If you want to know more about how microcurrent light therapy works, you can read one of our previous posts or read more in the manuals. 

My next step for wellbeing

For me, realising that I can now buy an M2 Galvanic facial treatment device for 60% off, the next step is clear. I am heading to the online shop and the January Sale! After trying the Q1 device, I always wanted to try the M2 device but to be honest; I felt they were a little bit expensive. It felt like an investment that I always pushed further into the future. Well, it is 2022, and the future is here. There will be no more pushing the wellbeing of my skin further into some unknown future. With 60 % off on the device, I can no longer refer to it as an investment 🙂 It is more a choice of how much I appreciate and value my skin and well-being! I have heard so much about Galvanic Facial Treatment and what it does to the skin that I am really excited to try it out. Together with the xCential H+ serum, that is also supposed to be fantastic! So, I will be back to tell you about my experience; in the meantime, I will treat myself once more with my Q1 device! And I can say to you, should you want to start with the Q1 device, now is the time. This beautiful, tiny, and easy to handle device is also on a 60% off sale during the month of January! 

The famous catchphrase I’ll be back”; goes for me as well! I will be back with updates on my experience with the long sought after M2 Galvanic Facial Treatment Device! 

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