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I’m in love – with SQOOM! Shortcut to Amazing Skin.

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What a feeling! That is how I describe my feelings after using the SQOOM Q1 device and booster serum for over a week. I have used the device and serum every night since I got it. And going to sleep without my new nightly ritual would not be the same. My skin has never been this clean or smooth before. It never felt so good. I tried everything from Ayurvedic products to high-quality skin creams and cleansers. So, what is it that makes such a big difference? Not knowing the scientific reason, I can only try to explain the experience in my own words. 

Clean and smooth skin like never before

First, let me tell you that I must admit that I was a bit skeptical before I tried SQOOM 🙂 What could it have that would make such a difference… Like I said, I still do not know, but I know that it is working and that it gives a feeling I do not want to be without anymore! 

Those minutes with the device on cleansing mode really take away the dirt. I live more in the countryside, and I did not realize that my face still gets so dirty after a day. A picture says more than a thousand words, and this one really does.   

As you can imagine, the feeling after having all that dirt cleaned out deep down is fantastic! You really feel fresh. 

Applying the serum and taking those minutes relaxing while you let the SQOOM Q1 device work the serum deep into the layers of the skin leaves the skin so smooth, relieved, and relaxed that it is fantastic. You literally take off the stress from the environment that the skin has been through during the day. Even the fine lines disappear! That was another thing that I was skeptical about… but they really do disappear!

After using it for over a week, I learned a few things about the SQOOM device and how to get the most out of it.

Here are a few tips after one week with SQOOM Q1 and booster serum: 

  • It makes a difference in which cotton pads you are using. I used my regular ones, which were too thick, and getting the cotton pad to stick to the device was an issue. Buying thinner cotton pads made a big difference. 
  • Don’t forget the neck! But I am sure once you try it on your face, you will also want the same treatment for your neck. 
  • I noticed a difference in the feeling when I used the device shorter in the cleansing mode ( in a hurry…) and then applied the serum and used the nutrition mode longer. The conclusion is: do not be in a hurry. Follow the instructions, enjoy, and relax!

I like the overall experience with smooth and glowing skin, and the serums are all-natural. You really feel that you have healthy, glowing skin! 

I can warmly recommend the SQOOM Q1 device and serums to all of you who have tried everything. I know that you will feel the difference! It is really a skin revolution!

Sent in by Christina Wilson

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