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SQOOM Aqua Tonic Cleansing Water: OUT NOW!

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SQOOM has developed its very own cleansing water for the ultimate freshness look-and-feel!  Our Aqua Tonic Cleansing Water is perfectly suitable for dry and sensitive skin, and all skin types in general. Free of perfume, parabens, alcohol and active skin stimulants, our newly patented SQOOM formula also presents the following characteristics: 

  1. Main tonic surfactant is non-ionic and does not cause any skin allergies or damages.
  2. Important active ingredients for moisturizing with the main ingredient of Aloe vera.
  3. Our active ingredient Dexpentanol is responsible for its sedative and anti-irritant effects.
  4. Tonic based on antibacterial, antiviral active ingredients.
  5. pH 5.5
  6. A promised gentle feeling of freshness after cleansing.

Get yours today as the revolutionary complement to your SQOOM sets!


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