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I stumbled upon SQOOM treatment while searching online for anti-aging products. The combination of serums and microcurrent light therapy intrigued me, so I tried it. After three months, it was the best decision I ever made for my skin.

Due to prolonged emotional stress, my skin started showing signs of wear and tear. I noticed wrinkles and tension in my skin, which was unpleasant. Initially, I was skeptical about what SQOOM Q1 could do, but the first thing I felt after the treatment was a sense of peace. The cleansing treatment made my skin clean, and the light therapy relaxed it. Moreover, the treatment reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

I find it remarkable to do the SQOOM treatment after a stressful day. Not only does it relax my skin, but it also relaxes me. I no longer worry about fine lines and wrinkles, which makes me feel even more relaxed.

SQOOM has changed my skin and perhaps my world too! If you haven’t tried SQOOM treatments, start with a Q1 starter package with everything you need. I started with that, and now I plan to upgrade to the M2 device and keep Q1 for my travels.


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