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KYC – How Happy are You with Us?

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KYC or Know Your Customer is an expression that many shy away from since it has become so tightly knitted with financial institutions. KYC is, however, so much more than that. And today is the quarterly day celebrating KYC. This is a reminder to businesses of all sizes to be grateful for their customers. To listen to their customers. And a day to get to know what you as a customer need, want, and the expectations you have. 

We would like to take this day to ask you to help us become better and serve you as a customer in a better way by filling out a quick survey. 

Your need, wants, and expectations as a customer.

As a customer, we have needs, we have things we want, and we have expectations. So these three are three sides of what we as a customer expect from a company. And we do expect all of these sides to be fulfilled when we buy something. So all sides are complementary and inseparable aspects of how we as a customer experience our contact with a company. Sometimes we might be satisfied with all points and other times we feel that something is missing. 

The Get to Know Your Customers Day is a way of celebrating the importance of customers in businesses, a gentle reminder to businesses that without customers, we will not exist. Getting to know your Customers day points out the importance of knowing our customers and understanding your wants and needs. 

It is easy to assume that our customers are satisfied with our products and services, but this day reminds us that it is better to ask than to assume. 

We would love to hear from you!

Being online, we do not get to meet you personally to hear your thoughts about our products and services. And we understand if your time is limited. However, we would appreciate it if you took five minutes of your time to help us improve our services! To give us feedback on our products and how easy it is to navigate on our website. Just follow this link to complete a quick survey! We promise you; it will not take more than five minutes!

Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to help us improve our services by taking the survey!

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