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SQOOM Technology – An Innovative Premium Skincare Treatment

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Skincare technology has significantly developed in recent years, and we now have access to treatments that were once only available in professional settings. These treatments include microcurrent, ultrasound, synchronous technology, iontophoresis, and sonophoresis, which can all be used safely and conveniently at home. Although some of these terms may be unfamiliar, they offer the opportunity to take professional-grade care of our skin in the comfort of our homes.

Despite the advances in skincare technology, SQOOM continues to prioritize providing uncomplicated and professional skincare treatment for home use. Over the years, our technology has evolved, but our values remain the same.

This article will explain how these technologies work and how they can benefit your skin. We hope to make it easier for you to understand and appreciate the benefits of at-home skincare treatments.

Synchronous Technology and M2

The SQOOM concept, represented by our M2 device, is developed and fitted with eight patents. Designed as a professional handheld skincare device for home treatments, it is a premium skincare device that gives you the best of the best! In the comfort of your home and at a time that suits you. 

Synchron technology or synchronous technology refers to the events and processes that co-occur in the skin when using the SQOOM technology. The procedures are taking place separately but are depending on each other for full effect. The Synchron function links the iontophoresis with the sonophoresis and increases the effectiveness of both methods significantly.

SQOOM M2 Device

Iontophoresis technology 

Iontophoresis technology or medical iontophoresis is the process of passing a weak electrical current through the skin. Iontophoresis has a variety of uses in skin care and medicine. Scientists describe iontophoresis as a progressive and, at the same time, a very gentle method for treating cosmetic and designed dermatologic skin problems. 


Sonophoresis is the use of ultrasound to drive molecules into and across the skin. This process rapidly increases the absorption of nutrients, forcing them deep into the layers of the skin, targeting early signs of ageing, dehydration, acne and pigmentation.

With the function “multiple modes,” both iontophoresis and sonophoresis are combined in our M2 device.  With these functions combined, old skin cells are being removed, the ionisation function has the effect of opening and contracting the pores, and the impact of sonophoresis is letting the nutrient in the serums work deep in the layer of the skin.

SQOOM Synchron Technology – Scientific Research 

Scientific research at the well-respected Hiroshima University of Japan has demonstrated that the agents (nutrients in serums) applied with the Synchron function have been transported 30 times more into the dermal layer and 40 times more into the epidermal layer than hand application. This innovative multi-function gives SQOOM a unique position in the market.

In 2004, dermatological tests and clinical studies were conducted at the renowned Japanese universities Meisei Tokyo and Hiroshima. These studies looked scientifically into the effects of ion and ultrasonic function and the synchronous function (synchronised ultrasound and ionisation). The Japanese scientists proved that natural skin barriers can be penetrated by using iontophoresis devices hence successfully initiating the regeneration process in the skin tissue.

With SQOOMs highly innovative Synchron technology, the scientists of the Hiroshima University were able to prove in their broad experiments that the amounts of skincare agents multiply exceed the amounts inserted into the skin using different setups and programs in the device.

M2 – An innovative skincare treatment. 

M2 combining ion technology and sonophoresis is not only an innovative skincare treatment but also an effective one. The effectiveness of the transcutaneous application of the agents using ultrasound and ionisation in the organism are now scientifically characterised. Both methods are being used for cosmetic as well as therapeutic purposes. The biphasic alternating current of the iontophoresis has proven itself in the field of pain relief as a highly effective form of stimulating the sensory and motoric nerve fibres. Compared to continuous current, the alternating current has several advantages: there is no acid-forming beneath the electrode and no skin irritation for long term treatments.

The M2 device fulfils the requirements of a modern, secure, fast and effective beauty and healthcare treatment at home. The deep-penetrating micro-massage combined with the, especially for this device, developed active ingredients in the serums and compounds and optimised the treatment’s success.

Besides immediate visible cosmetic effects, the SQOOM concept has also successfully treated skin diseases like psoriasis and rosacea. Furthermore, the ultrasound has proven itself an effective aid for the treatment of acne, pigmented moles, scars, or even tinnitus.

That the device would be easy to handle was in the centre of attention while developing the SQOOM device as an efficient mobile handheld system.

M2 Device programs 

The M2 device functions via electronically controlled, continuous or pulsed ultrasound that opens the skin barrier, stimulate cell division, optimises blood circulation and the oxygen supply in the skin, expands the blood vessels and works against inflammation. 

These requirements are fulfilled by incorporating high-level technology. The rechargeable lithium-ion- accumulator ensures a variation free operation with a time process of 4 hours. The application is straightforward to use. There are only two buttons that coordinate the complete application area of the M2 device. The required intensity levels for the respective application areas are already integrated with the programs, and they turn on automatically when you select the separate program.

 Program C 

  • It is a deep pore physical cleansing program that profoundly cleans the skin with xCential cleanser serum. The + ION pulls the impurities and dirt out of the skin and leaves the skin soft, smooth and clean. 
  • Combined with the cleanser serum, this level ensures clean and pure skin. Synchron technology increases the positive result. Keratin, sebum and other skin degradation products are simply dissolved and washed away with a damp cloth or water after the treatment.

SQOOM xCential cleanser serum is recommended for this treatment. For the face 4 minutes and the body 5 to 10 minutes. (0.21 W/cm2, pulsed ultrasound)

Program M  

  • This program gives a massage that, together with xCential H + serum, is effective for anti-ageing. This program is + ION and -ION balanced. It massages the skin, increases blood circulation, and prepares the skin to absorb the nutrients in the serums.
  •  Just like a regular massage, the SQOOM massage brings back relaxation and elasticity to the skin. In addition, negative and positive ions and sound waves activate the cell spaces and effectively stimulate the metabolism. 
  •  Level 2 is recommended for the following indications:
  • Anti-ageing application
  • Back or muscle tension, pain
  • Dry, irritated skin as typically related to Neurodermatitis
  • Dry, flaky skin is commonly associated with Psoriasis
  • Reddened, sensitive skin that is frequently associated with Rosacea
  • Scars and stretch marks

Recommended treatment time is 4 to 12 minutes: 0.12 W/cm2, pulsed ultrasound.

Program W 

  • The program is an Anti-Ageing program that, together with xCential H +  serum or the Anti-Pigment xCential deSpot serum, effectively works against visible age signs. This program is mainly based on  -ION. Nutrients from the xCential serums are brought deep into the skin. This physical effect is possible because the active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, are also minus charged and repel each other. This way pushes the active ingredient into the skin. 
  • The unique Synchron function strongly activates the cell spaces guaranteeing an efficient introduction of nutrients in combination with the highly effective xCential serums.

SQOOM xCential deSpot serum is recommended, and the treatment time is 4 to 8 minutes for each skin area. 0.02 W/cm2, pulsed waves in a constant change with sounds.

Program L 

  • This is a very intensive and robust program of skin tightening with H + serum or deSpot serum. This program is particularly very suitable for the lower cheek area, against hamster cheeks and sagging skin, and for the neck, as well as the décolleté area.
  • This program’s regular and careful application quickly leads to a notable tightening and rejuvenation of the skin. Wrinkles and fine lines can be reduced significantly. The skin becomes soft and elastic again. Synchron technology activates the production of body elastin and collagen.

SQOOM xCential H+ serum is recommended, and the treatment time is 4 to 8 minutes. 0.15W/cm2 constant and pulsed ultrasound,

Program S  

  • This program is for the areas where you should not use ultrasound, around the eye or on the eye. Use the program together with xCential Booster Serum.
  • This program is primarily for the treatment with xCential booster serum. Ultrasound transports the ingredients and the particular hyaluronic acids in the upper skin layers.
  • With this program, you only have an ultrasound without ionisation. So, for example, if there’s metal inside the skin as wire, screws, plates, etc., after having an injury or surgery, you should use this program.

SQOOM xCential booster serum is recommended, and the treatment time is 4 minutes.

Program Iontophoresis (I) 

  • For an intensive cleansing around the eye with xCential cleanser serum. 
  • This program has only iontophoresis in minus and plus, for treatments without ultrasound

Different programs with different purposes and effects, all in one handheld device that you can use at home. Practical, efficient and very effective on top of it all!

The SQOOM M2 device is truly a device developed with functionality, effectiveness and easiness for the user in mind. 

No-fuss, no complications and very straightforward as it is, it is a skincare treatment device that gives you all you need for smooth, firm and glowing skin. 

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