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Summer Season is here! How do seasonal changes affect our skin?

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After a long winter and on top of it all a year with Coronavirus, most of us are looking forward to the summer season, clear skies, sun and warm weather. With distant memories of the last summer with lazy days and beautiful warm evenings, we easily tend to forget the stress that a change of season is for our skin. Our beautiful sun giving us the tan we longed for the whole winter unfortunately takes its toll on our skin. Luckily there is a way that we can prevent this and even methods to keep our skin healthy and glowing throughout the summer season with the seasonal changes that come with it. 

How does the sun affect us?

Have you noticed that the skin gets drier during the summer when we are exposed to the sun? A study from the University of Copenhagen found that skin cells suffer from shrinkage and therefore change their surface during seasonal changes. The clinical message to us is that we should protect our skin with emollients in the winter and sunscreen in the summer. Source: Science Daily

Having said that, like with everything else in life, too much or too little spoils it all. Because it is important to us humans to be exposed to the sun. Sun is the main source of Vitamin D, also called the sunshine vitamin, which plays a major role in keeping our body healthy. Lack of vitamin D can lead to thin, brittle, or misshapen bones. But vitamin D offers a range of other benefits too, ranging from positives for both physical and mental health.

So what can we do, to both enjoy the sun and the warmth and still have healthy skin? There are preventions and small daily routines that we can do and still reap the benefits of sun rays. 

  • Use sunscreen daily.
  • Wear sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats to protect your eyes and face.
  • Wear clothes to protect the rest of your body, unbleached cotton or tightly woven t-shirts or shorts offer excellent sun protection according to recent studies. 
  • Stay in the shade and avoid sunbathing.
  • Keep the skin healthy and hydrated throughout the day with good skincare.
  • Drink lots of water.

Seasonal changes on our skin

When the season changes we might feel that our skin is tighter or appear drier than usual. If you have acne-prone skin it might be more inflamed than before. As the weather gets warmer and the skin has to adapt to heightened humidity and warm or hot weather many feel that the skin might start feeling greasy and heavy as more oil gets trapped on the surface of the skin. 

According to dermatologists, these adverse changes in your skin can more than likely be attributed to the transition of seasons. 

A change in season brings a range of changes to the humidity, temperature and the level of UV rays.Which affects our skin to a high degree.  Because the face is the part of our skin that is most exposed we can expect to experience the following effects:

  • Dry and flaky skin if exposed to a lot of sun and water
  • Oily skin if the weather is warm and we sweat a lot
  • Increased fine line and wrinkles
  • Rosacea flare-ups

These effects are our skin’s way to react to the seasonal changes in our environment. With the summer season coming up it is important to prepare the skin for the changes ahead. 

How do we support our skin during the summer season?

It is important to remember that we cannot do anything about the seasonal weather changes, wherever we live. What we can do is to remember that with a good skincare routine a lot is won when we enter into the hot season and throughout the beautiful summer days. 

A sudden, drastic change in temperature can cause our skin’s capillaries to contract and become more visible on the surface. As a result, our skin can become irritated, red and dry. Keeping your skin moisturized and applying sunscreen can help protect against environmental aggressors. This together with a good skincare routine is the care and love our skin needs. The old saying that prevention is better than cure still goes a long way. Taking care of our skin with high-quality products and cleansing routines gives our skin a solid foundation for the summer season. 

In the hot and humid months, many can require a gentle Cleansing Water like Aqua Tonic that is antibacterial and takes away the excess sebum without irritating the skin. Using xCential H+ Serum that is an oil-free treatment with low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids, that gives a long-lasting effect when used together with the SQOOM m2 device, you are all set for a summer season with glowing, healthy skin! 

SQOOM xCential H+ Anti-aging Serum is made from natural active ingredients such as Inula Viscosa Flower that protects the skin from UV radiation with its high antioxidant effect at the same time it repairs damages caused by the sun. A natural healthy way to get a healthy glowing skin despite environmental changes.

A few minutes a day with SQOOM keeps the problem away! As an easy way to protect your skin from seasonal changes, using SQOOM products together with the SQOOM device regularly, keeps your skin smooth, soft and glowing during bright summer days and nights. 

For your skin to enjoy the summer, the sun and the sea, take it as a routine to finish your summer day with the SQOOM Skin Revolution routine:

  • Clean your skin as usual before each application. 
  • Apply the xCential H+ serum generously onto the transducer or directly onto the skin.
  • Start the routine by setting the device to M (Massage), this mode executes a deeply effective massage. The blood circulation is stimulated and the skin is perfectly prepared for the treatment.
  • Continue with 8 minutes in the L program (Lifting). This is a slightly stronger programme that works to reduce the small, visible wrinkles at the skin’s surface. 
  • After the treatment, you can leave the remaining serum on your face as a mask overnight. 

Five small steps and you are ready for a steaming hot summer season with healthy glowing skin throughout the summer!

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