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The first day of fall – Autumnal Equinox

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Autumn, fall, end of the summer season, the beginning of winter… so many different feelings that we have combined with the magic of the autumn equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Some of us love the fall, others dread it, and yet again, some of us do not even have time to notice that the leaves are falling off the trees, the temperature changes and the days are getting shorter. 

Yet somehow, no matter how much we acknowledge them, seasonal changes tend to affect our skin. Changes in temperature, wind, less sun and many other factors do affect our skin. So what is it that we can expect when it comes to our skin and the season ahead?

Autumnal Equinox

September 22 is not only the day of the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the day of the vernal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, though sometimes this falls on September 21 or September 23 instead. Source: Wikipedia

The autumnal equinox is the time in the year when the sun is exactly above the Equator and day and night are of equal length. For many people, the autumnal equinox is an auspicious day, and it is a day that, throughout the years, has hosted many special events. From good ones to not so good ones. But world-changing events. 

This year, the autumnal equinox will be at  20:20 on September 22 in the Northern Hemisphere. Then the days will be getting shorter and shorter and the nights longer and longer. For many, this might sound depressing; for others, it is just a welcomed change of life! A reminder of the cycles of life. 

How does the change of temperature affect the skin?

With cold weather comes lower levels of humidity levels and dry air. These are factors that can make your skin very dry without proper care. 

As the days start to get shorter and the weather changes, signalling the return of the fall, you might see some changes in your skin. These are changes that you also might note when winter turns into spring or spring into summer. Our skin is a creature of habit and likes consistency. However, all these sudden temperature changes do affect our skin in different ways. Maybe you remember how it was when winter turned into spring? Did your skin appear drier, more sensitive and inflamed than usual?

“It’s not the temperature alone that causes these skin woes, either. Shari Marchbein, a dermatologist and clinical assistant professor of dermatology at New York University School of Medicine, says it’s the sudden switch in weather, coupled with subsequent lifestyle changes people make as it gets cooler, such as taking hot showers and using central heat in homes, that contributes to the dryness as mentioned above and inflammation associated with this transitional period.” Source: Allure

So the season changes, and so does the weather. So what can we do to live throughout this fall with healthy glowing skin?

Give our skin the love it deserves this fall.

Seasons are changing, and the weather is changing. No matter if we live in the southern part of the Northern Hemisphere or the northern part. We experience the changes of the seasons. What we can do is to remember to give this skin of ours a little extra love and care during this season. 

A sudden, drastic change in temperature can cause our skin’s capillaries to contract and become more visible on the surface. As a result, our skin can become irritated, red and dry. Keeping your skin moisturised and applying sunscreen can help protect against environmental aggressors. This, together with a good skincare routine, is the care and love our skin needs. The old saying that prevention is better than cure still goes a long way. Taking care of our skin with high-quality products and cleansing routines gives our skin a solid foundation for the fall and winter seasons. 

SQOOM – An all-natural way for healthy skin this fall 

When your skin is dry, there is nothing like a gentle Cleansing Water like Aqua Tonic that is antibacterial and takes away the excess sebum without irritating the skin.  xCential H+ Serum, an oil-free treatment with low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids, gives a long-lasting soothing effect when used with the SQOOM M2 device. This is the little extra TLC that you can give to your skin. Fifteen minutes a day, two to three times a week and both you and your skin is prepared for the changing weather!

SQOOM xCential H+ Anti-aging Serum is made from all-natural active ingredients such as Inula Viscosa Flower, protecting the skin from UV radiation with its high antioxidant effect. In addition, it repairs damages caused by the sun—a natural healthy way to get healthy glowing skin despite environmental changes.

A few minutes a day with the SQOOM treatments make a big difference! It is an easy way to protect your skin from seasonal changes. When you use the all-natural serums together with the M2 device regularly, it keeps your skin smooth, soft and glowing during chillier autumn days and evenings. 

For your skin to enjoy the best of this fall season, take it as a routine to finish your day with this routine: 

  • First, clean your skin as usual before each application. 
  • Then, apply the xCential H+ serum generously onto the transducer or directly onto the skin.
  • Start the routine by setting the device to M (Massage); this mode executes a profoundly effective massage. The blood circulation is stimulated, and the skin is perfectly prepared for the treatment.
  • Continue with 8 minutes in the L program (Lifting). This slightly more robust programme works to reduce the small, visible wrinkles on the skin’s surface. 
  • After the treatment, you can leave the remaining serum on your face as a mask overnight. 

Just a few minutes a day in the comfort of your own home gives both you and your skin the peace you deserve this fall.

Whether you are a fan of fall or not, the changes in the seasons do affect our skin. So why not change the routines this fall and prepare yourself for a beautiful fall and winter season with a skincare regime that gives your skin a perfect balance? 

Welcome the fall season and the coming festive season with healthy, glowing and happy skin!

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